Picnics - Cured
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Picnic Boxes

(pĭk’nĭk) n.

1. A meal eaten outdoors, as on an excursion.
2. Slang. An easy task or a pleasant experience.

The Stolen Hour

$40 for two escapees

60 minutes. That’s all it takes to give yourself an escape. Plop down, unpack your picnic, and savor a few stolen moments away from reality.

INCLUDES: A Cured lunch box with 3 pieces of cheese, 2 chunks of salami, House fig jam,34º Crackers, and a bar of Poco Dolce Chocolate.

Backcountry Picnic

$55 for two adventurous souls

INCLUDES: A bag ready to drop into any backpack with 2 sturdy chunks of cheese, 2 hearty chunks of salami, Marcona almonds, Nita Crisp Crackers, 2 apples, and two house baked cookies to fuel your adventure.

This picnic is available for purchase and shipping online

The Red Rocks Box

$85 for four tailgaters

INCLUDES: Loaded up in a Cured jute shopping bag you’ll find 3 cheeses, 2 meats, Marcona Almonds, house olives, a baguette, a pasta salad, house hummus, MM Local Hot Pickled Peppers, Cured’s fig jam and Poco Dolce Chili Squares.

The Proper Picnic

$100 for two whimsical souls searching authenticity

INCLUDES:This evening escape comes in a returnable vintage picnic basket and contains 3 cheeses, 3 meats, a Baguette, Frasca’s Red Pepper Jelly, a jar of MM Local pickled veggies, Cured’s house olives, Marcona Almonds, an apple, and a bar of Mast Brothers Chocolate.

To order a picnic, simply give us a call at 720.389.8096 and we’ll be happy to get you all set up.