The Graze Table - Cured
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The Graze Table

Introducing: The Graze Table, a new style of entertaining. 

The Grazing Table is our newest obsession here at Cured that was born, like everything else in our shop, from the evolvement of our own entertaining and eating. When we hosted parties at home, we were crafting big boards of cheeses and charcuterie as always, but more and more often found ourselves adding the dips, spreads, and crudites into the the plating and display versus separate and alongside.  Our vision grew from there as we realized that the more we added into the display, the more fun it became and an idea began to take shape.  Before we knew it we were throwing parties that didn’t have a single element plated, and in addition to the striking visual impact of a full feasting table, we realized that we could simply sit back and enjoy the evening, the food, the wine, and our company that much more than having to run courses and constantly be up and down from the table.

Rather than passed apps, where the food comes to you and the couple of people you’re standing with, a large table keeps bringing people back to the center of the room and prompts conversation with others, engages them in questions and conversation at the table itself around the food and the drink. It also offers people the chance to peruse and choose which bites and sips speak to them the most, something that never hurts! 

Often times we find guests and ourselves shying away from catering because they dont want the formality that it often brings with it. The beauty of the grazing table lies in its ability to feel like a perfect ‘back yard party’, without the host having to do anything. The Grazing Table provides an incredibly elevated food experience in a laid back way. 

For more information or to book your next Grazing Party, email