CURED: The Winter Edition (Vol 4 Issue 43) - Cured
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CURED: The Winter Edition (Vol 4 Issue 43)

Good Morning Friends of Cured,

Happy Winter!!! What a shift from 65-degree days to a foot of snow and a high of 8. Brrrrrrrrr! We were out for a run in shorts Monday morning and by afternoon were cuddled up by the fire. Holden has been endlessly fascinated by the cold fluffily white stuff falling from the sky and is still undecided as to what to think of his first winter. I bet that will change once he tastes his first hot chocolate 🙂 We hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful fluffy white outside and taking advantage of the excurse to cuddle up inside, drink big, delicious red wines, and snack on soup and grilled cheese. That’s at least what we at Cured like to do! We have a couple of delicious treats on the menu today, so I’ll get right to it!

Wednesday Night Pasta Indulgence. That’s right, it’s finally Wednesday, which means it is time for the uber indulgent, over the top, foie and truffle filled pasta extravaganza. Snow and icy roads be damned, Brad has been in the shop since 6 this morning rolling out fresh pasta dough, whipping up foie and shaving black truffles for your dinner tonight. Pop open a good aged bottle of Barolo, and, well, I can’t think of any better way to celebrate the onset of winter! Pasta for two costs $55 and has already started flying out the door, so give us a call ASAP to reserve one of the last spots for tonight’s feast!

Friday Night Dinner: I can hardly tell you how happy it makes me every other Friday when Holden and I sneak down to the shop at 5:30 and pick up our dinner for the night. He was particularly fond last week’s Apple Whisky Braised Pork Belly and Cheesy Grits. He stopped short of the apple pie, but even the braised wintery greens made him smile. A totally normal dinner for a 7 month old 😉 Next Friday promises to be equally as delicious and Holden’s already put in his order for two. Next Friday Rebecca will be back in the kitche whipping up a Provencal Braised Beef Feast. It will come with a Yukon Gold Potato Puree, a Warm Wheat Berry Salad with Kale, Cranberry, Toasted Hazelnuts and Crumbled Chevre (GF Millet option available!), and a Satsuma Orange Panna Cotta to finish off the night. Dinner for two costs $44 and will be hot out of the oven at 5:30! Call today to reserve your feast before Holden and all of his buddies gobble it all up!

Wine Shop Goodies: With the combination of the cold weather and all of the indulgent foods we’re enjoying right now, the brain can’t help but transition to a delicious bottle of red wine. Just as we’ve been heralding the amazing cheeses that come to Boulder this time of the year, the wine shop has even more fun to offfer. Many of the wines that we bring to Cured are small production and hence limited in availability, meaning we often pre-order months in advance. It just so happens that many of the most exciting wines we’ve ordered in the last 6 months just started landing in the shop, and by this time next week that little wine shop will be quite literally overflowing with bottles. Are you looking for an amazing Barolo for tonight’s Foie and Truffle feast? How about Roagna’s 1999 Paje Riserva Barolo or their 2005 Asilli Barbaresco. Searching out some of the last bottles of Cappellano Barolo made by Teobaldo before his passing? The 2008, his last harvest, just hit our shelves. Amazing Grower Champagne on your list? We can’t even begin to talk about all of them, so come see for yourself. That said, I can’t help myself, and as they’re limited in quantity, the Bereche et Fils Magnums are a screaming deal and worth getting your hands on before the 4 we have left disappear! Hunting for something a litte more “daily drinker” but still incredibly fun? Rainoldi’s Rosso di Valtellina Nebbiolo MAGNUMS are on the shelf for $36! Before this email becomes a novella I must move on, but swing into the wine shop and talk to Will or Wilson about some of the newest arrivals. We couldn’t be more excited!

As long as you’re planning your weeks meals, don’t forget about tomorrow nights freshly roasted chicken and duck fat mashed potatoes, HOT (even when it’s this cold outside!) out of the oven at 5:30! That’s all for today.

Stay warm…or at least as warm as possible…and we hope to see you all in the shop soon!

Will, Coral + Holden