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CURED: The Feast Edition (Vol 4 Issue 44)

Good Morning Friends of Cured,

What a change since last week’s newsletter! We finally broke freezing and the sun has come out to work its magic, drying up the streets but still leaving the flatirons and surrounding peaks dusted with the perfect coating of sparkling snow. It certainly is a winter wonderland out there and reminds me just how lucky we are to live in Colorado! We hope you all had a good weekend and took advantage of Saturday’s snow day to curl up by the fire with a good bottle of wine and a few bites of tasty cheese. We even had our first fondue seekers in the shop over the weekend, stocking up on perfect melters to make a big ol’ indulgent pot of fondue, the perfect antidote to the freezing cold out of doors. It certainly feels like winter is here to stay, just in time for Thanksgiving…which is next week!! Crazy. Though Holden is quite excited for his first bite of turkey and stuffing…he can already tell that our lemon rosemary crown loaves are going to make one mean stuffing…especially mixed with a little tender belly bacon and some Ela family farms apples….yum yum yum.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we have a few delicious treats lined up for the week ahead that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Wednesday Night Pasta and Friday Night Dinner: I don’t know about you all, but with Thanksgiving on the horizon I always find myself lacking inspiration and motivation to pansotticook the week before. I’m too busy planning menus and dreaming up recipes for next pansottiweek’s feast to be bothered. Which is why this week’s Wednesday night pasta, Thursday night roasted chicken, and Friday night dinner are even more appreciated then normal! Tomorrow Brad is whipping up another incredible batch of fresh pasta: pansotti (little bellies) with mascarpone, porcini mushrooms and speck to be exact. Then Friday, Rebecca is cooking up a veritable feast of Braised Beef Provencal, complete with Yukon Gold Potato Puree, a Warm Wheat Berry Salad with Kale, Cranberry, Toasted Hazelnuts and Crumbled Chèvre (GF Millet option available!), and a Satsuma Orange Panna Cotta to finish off the night. Dinner for two is $44 and will be hot out of the oven at 5:30! As always, with all our pastas and dinners, they tend to sell quickly so give us a call to reserve yours today!

Thanksgiving Platters and Sides: It’s quite hard to actually believe that Thanksgiving is next week. While some of us spend weeks planning menus in advance, others get overwhelmed and sidetracked by the inevitability of life and all of the sudden we guests platterare Cured thanksgivingpouring in the door and the meal is upon us. In years past, we have found the single most useful trick for keeping in-laws, relatives and friends happy on Thanksgiving day while we scramble in the kitchen is laying out a massive platter of charcuterie, cheeses, nuts, olives and freshly baked bread and a few bottles of sparkling wine. Suddenly no one is in your way, bothering you in the kitchen, or asking when dinner is going to be served… A calm seems to fall upon the room and all you hear is contended munching and sipping. Believe me, it’s genius. Platter orders have started pouring in for next Wednesday (we’re closed Thanksgiving Day but don’t fear, we make sure your platter is planned to be perfect on Thursday…as long as you can keep your husband or wife from eating it all!) so if you would like us to take some of the stress off on Thursday, give us a call and get your order in before next week! We are also trying something new this year that I couldn’t be more excited about. Rebecca, our culinary director and chef extraordinaire, loves Thanksgiving so much that she has decided to take on the extra task of making a few sides that are ready for you to pick up, heat up and serve alongside your turkey come Thursday. The offerings:

Roast Root Veg: A seasonal mix of delicious, spiced root vegetables, ready to be popped in the oven and finished roasting on Thanksgiving Day. Includes Toasted Hazelnuts and Chèvre for topping before serving. $14 feeds two

Chestnut Soup: Rich Cream Based Soup with a side of Crisp Pancetta for topping $11 feeds two

Duck Fat Mashers: Cured’s signature duck fat mashed red skin potatoes. $12 feeds two

Cranberry Sauce: Whole Cranberries and Satsuma Orange dotted with mustard seeds, never too sweet, pleasantly tart. $8 feeds two.

If you would like to make this Thanksgiving just a little less stressful, let us take care of some of the heavy lifting (or cooking!) for you and give us a call to reserve your platters and sides.

Hungry yet?! I always believe you should start stretching your stomach by feasting daily at least a week in advance to prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner, so my brutal training regime is going to start tomorrow with Brad’s porcini pasta. Or maybe today with a grilled cheese or two…hmmmm…..

Don’t forget about Tonight’s free wine tasting from 4-7, our last week featuring selections for the holidays before next week’s tasting of our Thanksgiving 4 Pack, sure to be a hit once again this season.

Look forward to seeing you all in the shop soon!

Will + Coral