CURED: The Chocolate Edition (Vol. 6 Issue 20) - Cured
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CURED: The Chocolate Edition (Vol. 6 Issue 20)

Good Morning Friends of Cured,

We hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend, despite all the grey and rain. I don’t know about you all, but when the weather turns nasty outside, there is not much better than cuddling up inside with a warm fire, a big blanket, and a cornucopia of your favorite foods…which in our case tends to include a good selection of chocolate…well chocolate and wine if we’re telling the absolute truth;) And so, with a rainy day and a rainy week ahead, we would like to dedicate this entire email to the decadent, indulgent, wonderfully addicting, captivating and utterly geeky (and guilty) substance that is chocolate.

Most of you know by now, but we have a rather epic array of chocolates at both Cured and little Westie…in fact, in the last few years, chocolate has grown to be the 4th most popular category in our shop, only behind cheese, wine, and sandwiches…Hmmm…should I worry about Will’s consumption habit? 😉Well, last week our already incredible display grew exponentially as we were introduced to a new chocolate aggregator who carries a nearly unparalleled array of chocolates, just begging to be tried, tasted, and geeked out over by yours truly. The result: 26 new chocolate bars, and some amazing chocolate covered figs, tucked into our tiny little shop and just begging to be explored at your whim, fancy and craving.

Obviously I don’t have space, and you don’t have time(!) for me to delve into all 26 bars, but over the next few weeks I’ll dole out new tidbits, teasers and tasting notes into the newsletters so you can learn about our selection along with us!


OmNom Chocolate: Leave it to Iceland to blow our mind with inventive and addicting bean-to-bar chocolates that are cooler than Will or I could ever dream of being. Started in 2013 by a chef-turned-chocolatier and several of his friends, they have been running their startup out of a disused gas station where they are turning high-quality, organic single origin cocoa beans into small batch bars of dark, light and blonde chocolates, that just so happen to be wrapped up in stunning packages no less. Plus, they are actually named OmNom which happens to be in the dictionary as “the sound the Cookie Monster makes”. How could we resist?! We have started with their Dark Milk of Tanzania bar, a 65% bar with a fudge-like texture and the flavor of a brownie, with notes of brown sugar and pears, as well as their Dark Milk with Burnt Sugar bar which is a sweet union of toffee and caramel infused with a subtle smokiness brightened with a effervescent buttermilk. They are as good as they sound and wonderfully guilty, playing that Dark/Milk boundary in the best way possible.


Fruition Chocolate: Fruition is a small batch bean-to-bar chocolate workshop located in the Catskill Mountains of New York. With meticulous attention to detail, they slowly roast and stone grind carefully selected cocoa beans to accentuate their inherent flavor. While not necessarily as ‘cool’ as Omnom, these bars are incredibly crafted and delicious, a beautiful representation of what craft chocolate is all about and should be. The bars we have in from them cover the spectrum from guilty indulgent to utterly geeky purist. I am equally in love with the 43% Browned Butter Milk Chocolate that is utterly moor-ish and addicting as I am with their 100% bar, a blend of Dominican Republic and Peruvian chocolates that highlights the juicy red berry flavors of the beans perfectly contrasted against an intensely roasted cocoa base. Until recently I thought 100% chocolate was simply for baking and mixing with sugar, but we now have 3 incredible and unique single origin bars that redefine just how amazing well treated cocoa beans can be!


Friss Holm Chuno Triple Turned Bar: We also have a few extra special treats up our sleeve this week. The first is hands down the most special chocolate bar we’ve had on our shelf to date. And by special, we mean both rare and expensive 😉 Friss Holm is an award winning Danish chocolate maker who sources his beans from Honduras and Nicaragua. He is particularly known for his attention to detail and for experimenting with subtle variations in the chocolate making process. This punchy 70% bar is turned three times during the fermentation, hence the name. This gives it a different flavor to those turned once (or twice). For the uninitiated, when cocoa pods are harvested, they are cut open and the cocoa beans and surrounding pulp are fermented for a period of days in large containers. Every few days, the beans get turned to ensure an even fermentation. By triple turning these beans, Friss Holm is able to extract a profound array of flavors. A blend of cocoa from three different plantations, this bar exhibits notes of wood, plum and tobacco. It also happens to cost $22. We only brought in a handful as a tester batch, and they have been flying off the shelf thus far. I think we only have 2 or 3 bars left, with more on order for the next chocolate shipment. But if you cant help but wonder what this unique bar is like, give us a call and we’ll set one of the few remaining aside for you!!


Tuesday 4p-7p: 
Free Wine Tasting! Beautiful Organic Wines for Spring!

Brad will be cranking out fresh, hand rolled pasta filled with Aspen Moon Swiss Chard, Mystic River Oyster Mushrooms, Black Cat Farm Mustard Flowers, Parm Reg and Mascarpone

Fresh roasted chickens & duck fat mashed potatoes.

Friday:  Burger Night complete with Cured’s House Ground Burger Patties, ready to grill up at home with ALL the fixings: Brioche Buns, Romaine, House Dijon, Brie, Smoked Cheddar, PickledRed Onions, Caramelized Onion, Aioli, Roast Tomato Spread and spicy bacon to boot!!  Paired with Cured’s Yogurt and Herb Potato Salad and Dressed Farm Greens. Dinner for two costs $35 (GF available for $38).

Thank you for indulging us in our chocolate obsession, we hope a nibble or two will cheer up your gloomy week as much as it does ours, and we look forward to seeing you all in the shop soon!

Coral + Will