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Upcoming Education Classes!

Join us for a special evening and educational deep dive into all mighty, beloved Comté, the King of Alpine Cheeses.  Led by our manager and Certified Cheese Professional Jessica Beer along with Jess Perrie from Essex Cheese. This class will be focused on all things Comté: how it is made, what makes the Essex Comté special, and what to drink alongside. We will taste through several different Comté profiles so you can experience first hand the nuances of terroir, alpage, and aging while exploring (and drinking!) several different wines from the Jura.

Space is limited so give us a call to reserve your spot today!!

WHEN: October 17, 7:30-9 pm

WHERE: Cured, 1825 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO

HOW: Class costs $55 per person and can be purchased by calling Cured, 720.389.8096 x1


The Graze Table

Introducing: The Graze Table, a new style of entertaining. 

The Grazing Table is our newest obsession here at Cured that was born, like everything else in our shop, from the evolvement of our own entertaining and eating. When we hosted parties at home, we were crafting big boards of cheeses and charcuterie as always, but more and more often found ourselves adding the dips, spreads, and crudites into the the plating and display versus separate and alongside.  Our vision grew from there as we realized that the more we added into the display, the more fun it became and an idea began to take shape.  Before we knew it we were throwing parties that didn’t have a single element plated, and in addition to the striking visual impact of a full feasting table, we realized that we could simply sit back and enjoy the evening, the food, the wine, and our company that much more than having to run courses and constantly be up and down from the table.

Rather than passed apps, where the food comes to you and the couple of people you’re standing with, a large table keeps bringing people back to the center of the room and prompts conversation with others, engages them in questions and conversation at the table itself around the food and the drink. It also offers people the chance to peruse and choose which bites and sips speak to them the most, something that never hurts! 

Often times we find guests and ourselves shying away from catering because they dont want the formality that it often brings with it. The beauty of the grazing table lies in its ability to feel like a perfect ‘back yard party’, without the host having to do anything. The Grazing Table provides an incredibly elevated food experience in a laid back way. 

For more information or to book your next Grazing Party, email events@curedboulder.com

Featured Product

Cured’s Tour de France

Each summer since opening Cured has hosted their own Tour de France, this one a bit easier to complete than the 21-day trek around France, at least for your legs.  In honor and celebration of this great sporting event, let Cured owner and ex-Tour de France cyclist Will Frischkorn take you through his very own version of the tour…one that is a bit more accessible for the mere mortal.  All you need to partake is a love of cheese, a passion for French wine, and a good appetite.

Will breaks the Tour into eight stages, each corresponding to 3-4 days of racing.  Each region corresponds with a cheese and a beverage. As the riders make their way around France you’ll follow along, feeling thankful that while they’re suffering through the hills you’re enjoying cheese, wine, and entertainment from the comfort of your own home.

Each stage, available individually for $40 or as part of the whole package for $295, comes with a chunk of cheese and a beverage to pair.  While mostly wine, we’ll also have an exceptional beer and even a bottle of calvados this year, paying homage to the route that the organizers chose for this 102nd edition of the TdF. Participants in our entire tour will receive a Team Garmin Cannondale musette bag filled with Will’s favorite cycling ride and recovery snacks to say congratulations for all your hard work.  This year’s tour is available for pickup at Cured, or for $90 each week, abox will be waiting on your doorstep with that week’s stages. Call the shop at 720.389.8096 to purchase your Tour!! 

**For out of state customers, we sadly cannot ship alcohol. However we don’t want any good Tour de France fan to go hungry, and are happy to ship a cheese only selection. Call the shop for details! 

Our Stages this year:

July 4th, 5th and 6th: Holland and Belgium.

We kick off our tour with a beer from legendary Belgian Brewery Achouffe, the “La  Chouffe,” a Belgian strong ale.  We’re pairing it up with Wilde Wilde, a 15 month aged gouda from a a small, organic, family owned farm.

July 7th,8th and 9th: Northwestern France.

The far northwest of France is cold, harsh country, brutal for both cyclists and wine. That said, people here make the most amazing apple brandy in the world: Calvados.  We’ll try a bottle of Calvados Notre Dame, paired with a small-production Livarot, a soft, pungent cheese seemingly made to be enjoyed with a sip of brandy after dinner.

July 10th, 11th and 12th: Brittany.

As we head further west,  the tour enters Muscadet country.  Made from the Melon grape and practically designed to pair with oysters, Muscadet is one of our favorite summer wines due to its versatility and crisp, refreshing zip.  It cuts through food like few other wines, and what better food to cut through than butter from legendary producer Rodolphe le Meunier.  His Beurre de Baratte is made from fresh cream, hand molded, and sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt from miles away.  What a treat.

July 13th, 14th ,15th and 16th: Southwestern France and The Pyrenees.

Southwestern France is a culinary mecca.  It’s harsh country, with stunning mountains, remote villages, and epic roads for riding a bike.  We’re showcasing this amazing part of the world with Camin Larreyda’s Jurancon Sec, a textbook example of some of the amazing wines made from hearty, indigenous grapes in the region. For cheese we’re highlighting a relatively new cheeses, Bleu de Basques from the Berria de Onetik coop.  An 80-day aged blue from sheep’s milk, this has already won a gold medal from the French Concours General Agricole.

 July 17th, 18th and 19th: The Massif-Central.

This region in the center of France is often overlooked, but much like the Appalachian and smoky mountains of the east coast, it is a stunning, rough-and-tumble part of the country, with incredible resources.  On the western side lies Cahors, the homeland of Malbec, and we will taste one of the finest from Chaeau la Caminade.  The Auvergne region is known for its cheese, and one of the best, Puits d’Astier from Rudolphe le Muenier, is headed our way.  Donut shaped and aged on a bed of hay, the Puits d’Astier is an exceptionally special treat.

July 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd: The Rhone-Alps.

As the race heads down the Rhone and into Provence it’s hard not to think of rosé.  We’re showcasing one of our favorites, the “Premiere” from Saint Andre de Figuiere.  Largely Mourvedre, this powerfully structured Provencal rose is a favorite of ours at Cured and tailor-made for cheese.  Interestingly enough, most of the exceptional cheese made in Provence is consumed there and what we get from the region here in America is less than exciting. As such, we’ve chosen to highlight a cheese made in Oregon, but inspired by Provence: Rivers Edge Chevre’s Siltcoos.  An ash ripened round with fern leaves on top, Siltcoos is one of the finest goat’s milk cheeses in the world.

July 24th and 25th: The Alps

The classic picture of high alpine racing seems to always have a cow grazing in a perfect green pasture as the cyclists fly by.  It seems that in the summer every nook and cranny of the alps is filled with animals heading to the high country in their annual transhumance and as cheese enthusiasts we’re all the luckier for it.  We’ll be tasting Jeune Autize from Rodolphe le Meunier, a new French cheese from a legendary producer that is similar to Morbier but make from goat’s milk!  The wines of the Alps are delicate, fresh, and elegant, and we’ll be enjoying a bottle of Eugene Carrel’s Jongieux Rouge, a Mondeuse based red that could be one of the best cheese pairing reds we’ve ever tasted.

And Sunday July 26th: PARIS!

There are few pairings more celebratory than Brie and Bubbles, and we’re picking two of the finest to cap off our culinary tour de force.  Fougerus is named for the fern that graces the top of this gorgeous cheese from just south of Paris.  Champagne Moutard is a small, family-owned bubbles house and their Grande Cuvee, 100% Pinot Noir, could not be a more perfect close to our three week adventure.