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Cured’s Thanksgiving Dinner


First up, TURKEY!Dry Brined and Seasoned Certified Organic Turkey with House Made Gravy. We dry brine our turkeys for maximum flavor and moisture and season them with a blend of Sage, Rosemary, Garlic and Thyme. Our turkeys are certified organic and roam freely, with unlimited access to fresh air and sunshine. They’re fed 100% certified organic feeds, giving you the purest, most delicious turkeys, we’ve come across. These birds are raised according to the strictest organic production and humane treatment standards, by family farmers who are serious about the health of the land, the animals, and you.Thanksgiving Day. Brined turkeys cost $7.49/lb and are coming in between 14-19lbs. We recommend around a pound and a half per person.  Turkeys must be ordered by Friday November 10th, and will be available for pick-up or delivery on Wednesday the 22nd!

On a side note, if you’re hosting a small Thanksgiving as we often do, and not feeling like attacking an entire 15lb turkey, we’re offering a Duet of Free Range Poussin (aka, lovebirds) for 2, stuffed with Organic Garlic, Thyme and Lemon, trussed and ready to be roasted at home. We’ve done these in the past when we host smaller thanksgiving parties and they are always delicious, and quite fun to put one perfect little bird on each person’s plate! Game Hens cost $25 for tow.

Tender Belly Heritage Breed Ham: Save a turkey, eat some ham 😉 We’re equal opportunists here at Cured, so in case you’re feeling it for a decadent spiral sliced ham instead of turkey, we’ve got you covered.  Spiral Sliced and Ready to be heated up at home. $90 for an aprox 9lb ham, feeds up to 14 people, but make for amazing leftovers.

Stuffing, Salads and Sides! We realize that there is no way to recreate every favorite dish, so rather we’re taking it upon ourselves to share a few of our favorites that promise to make for a well-rounded, delicious, and decadent day. Sides are offered in Small (up to 6 ppl), Medium (6-12 ppl) or Large (12-18 ppl) and designed to be either unwrapped and served, or tossed in the oven (cooking instructions included) to warm and/or finish cooking on the day of.  They include:

Bread Stuffing made from our signature Lemon Rosemary Crown Bread with Fennel, Apricot and Toasted Pecans.We recommend adding on Hudson Valley Foie Gras Sausage because, well, why wouldn’t you!  Sm: $40 Med: $73 Lg: $105

Duck Fat Mascarpone Mashed Potatoes Sm: $40 Med: $73 Lg: $105

Organic Cranberry Port Sauce with cinnamon Sm: $20 Med: $39 Lg: $59

Shaved Carrot Salad made with fresh Herbs and Toasted Pine Nuts. Sm: $25 Med: $49 Lg: $75

Roast Organic Beets with Ghee, Fresh Cheese and our House Dukkha Sm: $25 Med: $49 Lg: $75

Delecata Squash with Pepitas and Winter Green Pistou Sm: $25 Med: $49 Lg: $75

Kilt Farm Kale Salad with Gala Apples, Parmigiano Reggiano, Togarashi and Pomegranate Vinaigrette. Sm: $45 Med: $65 Lg: $85

Tender Belly Heritage Breed Ham Spiral Sliced and Ready to be heated up at home. I realize most of you don’t need a turkey AND ham for dinner come T-Day, but we’ve found that often times family and friends pour in for the weekend and by Saturday night you’re sick of both leftovers and elaborate cooking, and these Spiral Cut Tender Belly Hams make the most delicious and simple dinner for everyone to devour without having to make another trip to the grocery store! $10/lb and approximately 9 lbs each.

Cheese and Charcuterie Board in a Bag! They say that idle hands are the devil’s tools… There is nothing worse than too many cooks in the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day, so keep you guests out of the kitchen and nibbling on cheese and charcuterie instead!  Our ‘Board in a Bag’ is essentially one of our signature cheese and charcuterie boards, deconstructed to more easily be stored in your fridge. All you need to do come Thanksgiving Day is lay your goodies out on your favorite board or platter, and sit back and watch your guests devour!  Sm: $70, Med: $100, Lg: $145.

Wine!  Every Thanksgiving we offer a Thanksgiving 4 Pack of wines, the things we’re excited to bring home ourselves, that we know each and every family member, no matter their tastes, will approve of, and that don’t break the bank, especially as a bundle.  This year we’re offering four wines (bubbly, rosé, white, red)  we’ve tried in the past few months that simply said THANKSGIVING to us the moment we tried them.

Anything else?  Would you like anything else bundled and brought along with your Thanksgiving feast?  An extra bag of salad greens, an assortment of chocolate, a bottle of your favorite olive oil? Let us know and we’ll have it all bagged up and waiting, or brought right to your door… $119 ($135 value)

In-Store pick-up and DELIVERY Available! Your Thanksgiving goodies will be ready on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, anytime after 12.  You can pick-them up in store, or schedule home delivery so that you truly don’t have to leave your house. Delivery by one of our team will be $35 in Boulder and $50 in Boulder County.

Orders are open until we sell out! We cant wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with you! 

Our Wine Shop


Cured Wines, the smallest liquor store in the state, is our guilty little passion project.  In just 206 square feet, we highlight a collection of interesting wines from all around the world, and a largely local lineup of beers and spirits that showcase what Colorado does so well.  Changing with the season and based upon availability, we focus on small producers, bottles you won’t find everywhere else, and most of all, wines that deliver value at any price.

While not exclusively so, most of the wines on our shelves are organic, biodynamic, or naturally produced, and made by people who use their hands in every part of the winemaking process.  We organize our wine selection by weight and style rather than grape varietal, and always have an extremely knowledgeable and passionate sommelier on hand, aiming to deliver an experience more akin to that of your favorite restaurant than the mega wine mart.  In a time of big, bigger and biggest, we’re the micro to their macro, and value the relationships we build with our customers, guiding them from bottle to bottle over time.  We love nothing more than helping pair our selections with with cheese and charcuterie from up front, any of our meals, catering selections, or whatever you might be enjoying for dinner that evening.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a crushable weekend patio sipper or a true special occasion bottle, we are excited to help you find something delicious, exciting, and new.  In the end, as our friend Richard Betts likes to say, wine is a grocery, not a luxury.  Come visit us and find a bottle that truly makes you smile.

The Graze Table

Introducing: The Graze Table, a new style of entertaining. 

The Grazing Table is our newest obsession here at Cured that was born, like everything else in our shop, from the evolvement of our own entertaining and eating. When we hosted parties at home, we were crafting big boards of cheeses and charcuterie as always, but more and more often found ourselves adding the dips, spreads, and crudites into the the plating and display versus separate and alongside.  Our vision grew from there as we realized that the more we added into the display, the more fun it became and an idea began to take shape.  Before we knew it we were throwing parties that didn’t have a single element plated, and in addition to the striking visual impact of a full feasting table, we realized that we could simply sit back and enjoy the evening, the food, the wine, and our company that much more than having to run courses and constantly be up and down from the table.

Rather than passed apps, where the food comes to you and the couple of people you’re standing with, a large table keeps bringing people back to the center of the room and prompts conversation with others, engages them in questions and conversation at the table itself around the food and the drink. It also offers people the chance to peruse and choose which bites and sips speak to them the most, something that never hurts! 

Often times we find guests and ourselves shying away from catering because they dont want the formality that it often brings with it. The beauty of the grazing table lies in its ability to feel like a perfect ‘back yard party’, without the host having to do anything. The Grazing Table provides an incredibly elevated food experience in a laid back way. 

For more information or to book your next Grazing Party, email events@curedboulder.com