Cured Meats:


You know what goes well with cheese? Pig. Few things sit better alongside cheese than cured meats. In an ideal world, Will would live on these alone, adding in a glass, or bottle, of wine from time to time. Like cheese, the art of salumi in America is at a tipping point. Passionate chefs and food-artists alike are rediscovering generations-old recipes and techniques, adding a modern twist, and making some damn tasty pork products.

Like our cheese selection, Cured carries the core items, the age-old inspirations that will never loose a place in our hearts, or stomachs: Prosciutto di Parma, Prosciutto di San Danielle, Speck, and salamis from Italy, Jamon Ibericos and chorizos from Spain, Bayonne hams and saucisson sec from France. But we also feature country hams from the south-east, prosciutto-Americano from Iowa, pig legs cured Spanish-style from the mountains of Colorado, and an amazing array of salami products from small, American, salumerias, who are elevating the art of pig to an entirely new level.

The cured meats from California, Washington, Utah, Virginia, New York, and of course, Colorado, are what get us excited right now. Come try them at Cured, take a few slices home to share, and see what the buzz is all about.